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Names, Please!!


Alright, it’s only taken 5 weeks to finally name all of my chickies, but I’ve never been one to rush things, people.  I’ve included updated pictures to commemorate the event as well.

Roxy 5wks “Roxy” (Barred Plymouth Rock) -she’s such a poser and the friendliest of the bunch.

Esmeralda 5wks Esmeralda, AKA “Ezzie” (Black Australorp)-scared of her own shadow, but getting      better.

Cleopatra 5wksCleopatra, AKA “Cleo” (Easter Egger)-she’s my spunky one with the green T-Rex feet.

Marilyn Butterball 5wksMarilyn “Butterball” Monroe (Buff Orpington)-my daughter’s favorite.

Mary Jane 5wks“Mary Jane” (Rhode Island Red)-this picture doesn’t do her justice. She’s just beautiful.

Penelope 5wks“Penelope” (Golden Laced Wyandotte)-she’s another scardy-cat, but if you pick her up and hold her for a bit then she doesn’t want put down right away. LOL!

Phoebe 5wks Phoebe 5 wks Lady “Phoebe” (Speckled Sussex)-she’s my inquisitive gal, always curious about everything.  When I’m trying to take pictures she’ll stick her face right in the camera trying to figure out what it’s all about.  I have so many up close face shots of her.  She’s hilarious.


As I type this they are 5 1/2 weeks old, still inside the house in their brooder.  I’ve now turned off their heat lamp during the day and just have it on over night.  They still seem to like it on while they sleep.  The dust they kick up is amazing and I’m starting to feel ready for them to fly the coop, or brooder in this case, so I can thoroughly clean that room.  Their coop is now stained and awaiting a final security latch to be put on, then we plan on setting up their run and getting everything in order for their life outside.  I’ll probably miss having them so close by, but I’m excited to see how much they’ll like the outdoors with so much more space to run and play.

Will keep ya’ll posted!



We’re a movin’ on up……


big brooder

Hey, all!  Here’s a picture of the girls upgraded brooder condo that my hubby put together last week.  They are loving it!  My chicks are much bigger in size now at 4 weeks than what they look like in this picture.  Still can’t get over how fast they grow (I swear overnight).

Today I found my Easter Egger, Cleo, perched on the top edge of the brooder box just looking around not sure of what to do next.  We think she got there after flying on top of the feeder.  We’ve now put an old mixing bowl on top of the feeder (slightly slanted) so if she decides to try to fly up there again it will be too slippery for her to stay perched on top.  Hope it works because she’s one of three chicks who we’ve seen standing on top if it at one time or another.  That’s all I would need-  3 escapee chicks running around pooing all over my floor!

Well, that’s all for now.  Stay tuned.