The Coop!



Ok, so after countless months of researching and scouring the internet, I finally decided on a chicken coop and ordered it this week.  It should arrive within two weeks; I’m so excited!  Not sure yet if I want to add wheels or what so that I can move it around the yard along with the electric poultry fencing I have yet to buy.  I didn’t go with a chicken tractor, which I did contemplate, because I wanted a bigger and more secure “home” for my feathered friends.  My baby chicks will not arrive until April 2013, so I have plenty of time to get all necessary supplies to get them off to a good start.  The crew will include a Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rock, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Easter Egger, and Speckled Sussex.


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  1. I ma such an impetuous person that I think I would burst i I had a coop at hime with no chickens until April.
    But then you will be a lot better planned and well equipped than I was 🙂
    Good luck and I look forward to your blog posts sharing the planning stages with us.
    Good choice on the coop by the way. Bigger is always better. I only found this out by having to buy a second (and larger) coop.
    Great chicken breeds you have chosen.

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